The Power of Gratitude

I had a lot of things going on in my life and when I started this business, I decided to dedicate the blog to happy things and fun things. The problem is I could not seem to find the things that were “happy” to write about. Life has been hard, there was a pandemic, my husband became ill and we couldn’t obtain proper medical care, we both lost our incomes, I didn’t know how to pay the bills. Though, lots of things during this time made me happy, lots of things made me laugh and smile yet, they could only happen because I was sad. I realize now without the rough patches in life we can not appreciate the great moments.

I originally sold my bread on Nextdoor, a localized social media app, and through the months it helped me keep the lights on, keep gas in the car. It even allowed me to fully launch this website. I was grateful so I posted as much on Nextdoor and here is a copy of it in all its unedited glory.

The Business That Started on Next Door

I wanted to share something good out of something awful. The pandemic hit, my husband and I lost our jobs and then my husband became ill and now needs ongoing treatment. I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills, afford medications and feed us.

I had flour in my cupboard and I have baked since I was a small child. So, I put a post out on next door and said I was selling bread and then I waited. In the past eight months you have helped me to buy food and put gas in my car to make it to hospitals. It still helps me to make ends meet. So I want to say thank you to Next door. Thank you to my neighbors and thank you to my community.

I now have launched a small website. It isn't finished, it isn't perfect but, I am proud of it anyway. We are still struggling but, struggling means we are still here. Thank you.

And if you need any cookies, bread or pies you know where to go. :D

People came from everywhere to be kind and helpful. People bought cookies, they bought pies, they bought coffee cake (Let’s be honest they bought A LOT of coffee cake), they told their friends and their families, and they came to support me. Days are still hard and now I cry just about every day. I cry because I am happy, I cry because I am grateful, I cry because I am honored, and yes, I still cry because I am sad. Yet, that sadness seems to make the good moments so much sweeter.

Look out for a post about the bake day after this; that one will definitely be “happy” enough.

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