Sharing the Wealth and Taking a Break

I have been so blessed this year. People have been kind. They have listened to me. They have been kind to me even when I wasn't the best person I could be. I managed to feed me and my husband. I managed to not get evicted. I managed to put gas in the car and get health insurance for Raul. These are all things I know, I wouldn't have been able to achieve without the kindness of people that not that long ago were strangers.

My mom couldn't help me with my finances so she pitched in loaned me her kitchen and helped me bake. She lost her job and I was able to pay her from the baking as well. When my university wouldn't work with me one of my professors gave me an extension on the down low so I could finish all my courses. My husband as sick as he was waddled around the house and tried to clean.

Even though I know how blessed I have been I would be lying to say this year was easy. I cried more this year than I knew I had tears in me. Somedays I didn't want to get out of bed and I kept moving. I was driven and I couldn't stop, people depend on me.

This next week I want to give back. I am making 15 extra loaves of bread this weekend to donate to Praying Hands Ministry. They will be donating groceries to struggling families and individuals next weekend on the 22nd and I am so excited to help. I would like to make more but, I am constrained by funds. If anyone would like to help I put two items where you can donate loaves of bread on the website for this week.

Then next week, I am taking the week off.

I am tired.

This will be my first days, not working, caregiving or baking since March 2020. I spent a year being worried, sad, angry, overwhelmed, loved, joyful and exhausted. The 27th is our anniversary and we are going to spend it together and savor every precious moment.

I will be back on the 5th!

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