Cake in Pounds

A pound of butter, eggs, sugar and flour

So, I am aware I am a derelict blog writer that can't keep on topic. :) I promise to do my best to write some updates about life and all that jazz soon and no you will not be getting a chicken soup recipe. It turns out that it was awesome due to hunger sauce! The next day, it was just ok. :P Though, I will let you know Raul is doing much better.

That is not what I am here to talk about. What I am here to talk about is cake. A cake that is measured in pounds of all things! This is where you learn that not only am a baker I am a unapologetic and enthusiastic nerd about ....well most things.

So, back to pound cake. A decadent cake that if made correctly has no need for frosting. Pound cake originated in northern Europe, think Iceland, Norway, Denmark, generally tall blonde former Vikings, in the early 1700's.

By 1796 it was written into the first true American Cookbook, American Cookery written by Amelia Simmons. American Cookery went on to be one of the most influential cookbooks in American History. She signed her book Amelia Simmons, An American Orphan. Studies done of her writing suggest that she was a domestic laborer who lacked a formal education. Not bad for someone who changed the entire course of American Cuisine for the next 200+ years.

Fannie Farmer pound cake recipe from a 1922 cookbook

American Pound Cake went on to eventually include four ingredients, a pound of butter, a pound of flour, a pound of eggs and a pound of sugar. It was especially popular in the South.

So, there you go, I have given you my super secret recipe for pound cake!

It is a little finicky, you need to whip your butter almost to frosting consistency, slowly add in sugar while mixing vigorously for 10 minutes! Eggs are stirred in one at time for 1 to two minutes each (did I mention that a pound of eggs is around 8 extra large and you stir them in one at time....8 eggs x 2 minutes...) and flour is folded in quickly. It then cooks a at a really low temperature for about 80 yes, I said 80 minutes.

I like my cake to have a flavor so I made a Limoncello flavored cake with lemon zest. mmmmmmm

It is going on the menu this weekend.

Try a slice of history and I'll see you on Saturday!

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