Nervous Energy and New Social Sites

Raul in back in surgery this morning and I am trying to be productive. It doesn't matter how many hospital visits we have it never seems normal. I have chicken noodle soup in the crockpot for him to eat when he gets home. (If it is tasty I will post the recipe here, if not I will conveniently forget to post it :D )

I started this post a couple hours ago now, he is now in the recovery room. Hopefully they will call me back to squeeze his hand soon. They say they want him up and walking this afternoon so, we will see how that goes.

I have been spending my time in the waiting room talking to people navigating my site after learning about my business on the news. It has been keeping me happy and sane.

As long as I have the energy to ramble I have created appropriate social media pages for the business. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Maybe I should make a Pinterest and just post pictures of food. :D

Andrea's Kitchen | Facebook


The doctor just came out and said Raul is doing great. If I hurry I can be in the room waiting on him before he gets there. So I will close here today.


I thought I posted but, I didn't. We are settled at home now. He hurting but, he is sleeping. Here is to a better day tomorrow. Thank you for everyones thoughts and prayers.

(Oh the chicken soup was good. :) )

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